We are a Leading Azure Solutions Provider that supports and enables business transition to the Azure Cloud.

Microsoft Azure is a flexible, feature-rich cloud platform that provides your business with enterprise-grade computing resources, storage, cybersecurity, and networking. But in order to realize these benefits, you need to have the expertise and experience on your side harness those benefits. Onetouch is a leading Azure Cloud specialist, with a team of dedicate Azure Experts. We are able to tailor an end to end Azure Solution that will fit your business needs and complexities. We will support and enable your transition to the cloud from existing on-premises environments; map your requirements  and provide cost-optimized IaaS cloud migration onto Azure as well as enabling you to leverage PaaS, and app modernization and optimization solutions.

  • manage and develop your cloud infrastructure

    We’ll work with your teams to remove the common fears that a cloud migration has to be time consuming, complicated and costly. By defining your scope and requirements you can be up and running quickly with an Azure Velocity Landing Zone, designed to scale and flex as more services are delivered in Azure.

  • Accelerate your cloud journey

    Wherever you are in your cloud journey, and whatever your motivations, we’ll help get you there faster. Whether you have concerns over costs, performance, security or visibility, we’ll advise on the right approach for you.

  • Secure and compliant foundation.

    We’ll work with you to create a secure governance framework that is applied through Azure and subscription management. All of our services are aligned to Azure Architecture blueprints, MS Virtual Data Centre guidance and NCSC 14 Cloud Security principles.

  • With you every step of the way.

    Many businesses moving to Azure are looking to reduce cost and improve overall business agility. But not every organisation can achieve this in Azure. We’ll work with you to assess your current situation and priorities. Then we’ll identify and realize the benefits at each stage of your cloud journey.

Onetouch is known for providing best Azure Cloud Migration services from decades. Several reasons to choose us for your Azure Cloud migration.

  • Years of experience in this industry
  • Scalable and future-ready architecture
  • Microsoft Azure certified partner
  • A team of highly experienced professionals
  • 24×7 maintenance and customer support
  • Cost-effective solutions based on your requirements